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“I just finished an extreme amount of fillings on my teeth and the hygienist and dentist were amazing. They try their hardest to make you as comfortable as possible. They are extremely gentle with the procedures they do and always made me laugh (even though I really couldn’t as too much was going on in my mouth). They play music and they are extremely fun to be around for a dentist appointment. I would definitely recommend their hospitable personalities to anyone needing to see a dentist. Honestly, I have zero complaints about Mabank Dental, they are amazing.”

Discovering you have a cavity is a bummer, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We see them every day!

At , our team works hard to make treatment as simple, convenient, and pleasant as possible. Plus, the earlier you visit for a filling, the more likely you’ll be to avoid a potential emergency later.

Call 903.567.8612 to schedule a short appointment at our Mabank, TX office and get your tooth back in tiptop shape.

It’s always better to fix a tooth before it gets complicated. Schedule an appointment with our team today so you can take care of your cavity and avoid a bigger issue later.