Bone Grafting

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Bone deterioration caused by severe gum disease or infection used to mean the loss of permanent teeth and normal function. Now, thanks to bone grafting technology and skillful dentists like ours at , patients can restore lost bone support and improve their quality of life.

Bone grafting at has many benefits:

  • Preventing tooth loss – A loose tooth could be made more stable with a minor bone grafting procedure.
  • Preventing bone resorption – After tooth extraction, your dentist places a bone graft in the extraction site to prevent bone loss in the future.
  • Strengthening dental implants – When replacing lost teeth with dental implants, a bone graft may be necessary for support where bone loss has occurred.

We’ll do a thorough evaluation to determine if bone grafting is the right plan for you. Call 903.567.8612 to make an appointment at our Mabank, TX office.

You shouldn’t have to live with the uncomfortable effects of oral bone loss. has the solution to restore the function of your teeth and improve your quality of life.